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Fun changes you can make to Magic Threads patterns.

Angel Hair pattern
using a newel post base
painted to look like the moon.


Widget pattern made as a cat. 
Just add ears and a  tail and paint the face to
match your favorite cat!


Pixie Dust pattern made as a little Witch.
 Add a long hat that can be bunched and gathered.
 Paint the skirt to look like a pumpkin.


Now  see what others are doing...........

These masks were made by Judy McCarthy in my on-line class.
Aren't they stunning?!

mask1mask 4

mask 5green

witch 1               witch 5

These terrific Witches and Fairy Houses  were made by Amy Felske.  Don't you just love the spider web in the window??!!  Bet you couldn't guess that the witches are made from my Blossom and Twig pattern. Great job Amy!
                                        hoUSE 1                                 HOUSE 2

These wonderful dolls were all made from my Poptop pattern by the Seaside Doll Club of Long Beach CA.  You would never guess they originated with my simple pattern.  Outstanding job ladies!!


Here's a great Goth Belly Dancer" made from my Poptop pattern by Lindsey Smith

Barbara Vanderpool added bunny ears and a tail to the Magic dragon pattern.  Can't say that he looks very pleased with the additions!


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